What's Monsterra?Edit

Monsterra it's a logic (with some action MiniGames) board game for IOS, that allow player or two feel the spirit of battle.


- Conquest - War for territory! Take control over various realms in glorious battles against different clans, using some useful Items. When you'll cover the map with only one your color then you get your reward!

- Quick Match - Just a single battle with Artificial Intelligent. But it gives you EXP, so you can grow in levels. Also you can tune game options as you like (same for WiFi and BlueTooth).


- Ho
tSeat - battle versus another player on the same device (iPad, iPhone...)

Note: No EXP gain in this mode, so no levels, no Ranks.

- WiFi - Fight with your friend over wifi network.

- BlueTooth - Direct connection for a good match.

During game via WiFi or BlueTooth players can send each other icons-emotions by touching screen and selecting one.


Official Site -

App Store

App Store Russian Version

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